Automatic calculation of Superior rate

When planning harvest, the Superior rate (SUP) is an important factor that helps to decide which cages should be chosen – and which should be left longer. If you choose the wrong cage, you can miss out on significant income. With Aquabyte you get continuous SUP calculations that help you make the right decisions.

The calculated Superior rate is affected by which downgrading criteria have been set. You can define these yourself. Superior share can be found in two places in the Aquabyte user portal:

WISE Welfare

In WISE Welfare, the calculated superior rate is shown for each individual cage with an Aquabyte camera installed. When you click on a cage, you get a detailed overview of which of the fish’s welfare indicators positively or negatively affect the superior share.

Harvest report

When, on the basis of the Superior share, you have selected cages to harvest, you generate a harvest report in Aquabyte. Harvest reports are made per cage, and show the Superior rate based on the downgrading criteria that have been selected. If you need different sets of downgrading criteria, for example for different slaughterhouses, this can also be defined and selected for each individual report.

Do you want to define downgrading criteria for your facility? Get in touch with our Customer Success team.


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