Better decisions. More value throughout the value chain.


It is important to build trust between data and experience. Aquabyte Insight creates synergies between fact-based and experience-based knowledge, both at the cage and at a strategic level.

Data is important to be able to optimize and learn. Data can both confirm gut feeling, as well as share new revelations. Findings in the data can also suggest findings that yield new practical insight.

Our internal expertise ranges across farming experience, biology, engineering, data analysis, production planning, feeding, and general consulting. In this way, Aquabyte delivers a basis for data-driven decision making in critical phases of production, such that our customers achieve more efficient fish production.


Fish farmers need decision making tools to unleash the full production potential of their farm, reduce costs, and improve revenue. Aquabyte Insight facilitates the assessment and use of data as a basis for both fish welfare and production optimization.


The biggest advantage of Aquabyte and the data we produce is our holistic view of fish welfare and growth. Combining insights from our welfare data with growth and feeding performance, we deliver unique information about fish group status and help you as a customer make more informed decisions.

andreas michalsen

Andreas Mikalsen

Director of Customer Experience

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anita nielsen

Anita Nielsen

Aquabyte Insight Manager

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