Healthy and profitable production of fish


Fish farmers need new decision-making tools to unleash the full potential of their farm, reduce costs, and improve revenue.

Aquabyte facilitates the use of data as a basis for fish welfare, production optimization, and automated fish farming. Together with farmers, we develop autonomous units that control production in the pen and deliver decision-making tools that the industry needs.

The biggest advantage of the Aquabyte platform and the data we produce is our holistic view of fish welfare and growth. Combining insights from our welfare data with growth and feeding performance, we provide unique information about fish production that helps you make better data-driven decisions.

Using this data helps farmers to better understand daily trends and events, enabling faster actions with higher quality.

The product range consists of several software packages that are supported by our all-in-one camera platform, in addition to a winch for easy and efficient operation.



Aquabyte’s all-in-one platform consists of a combined hardware and software solution.


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Critical knowledge for better decision making when it comes to harvesting, biomass control, and timing.



Smart algorithms provide accurate average measurements, enabling everyday data decision making.



Automatic lice counting and welfare monitoring enables daily monitoring, trend following, and early detection. Lice data can be used to report to relevant authorities.