First into the market with a requested welfare report

-Our customers want immediate data, and when we experience such a signal, we respond instinctively and start developing. With our camera technology, we can now give the market something new, says Per Erik Hansen.

-Now, we have worked for a short year to establish a total of 13-14 indicators, which means that we can deliver real value to our customers, says Hansen, who is Product Manager for Lice and Welfare at Aquabyte.

Already 20 customers in progress

-Every week we publish welfare reports to over 20 customers. This data enables farmers to understand and handle welfare, and we are still in the development phase. Aquabyte is an entrepreneurial company, and thus, we have created an initial solution outside the web portal that will soon be integrated. We are still developing the visual design, but the report is very effective. The process we are in is a hallmark on how new thinking and innovation can guide us as an organization, says the product manager.

Collaboration with customers and the Institute of Marine Research

-We are in a very complex area, and are in the process of solving this. This is a very constructive collaboration between several players. We deliver on quality, without tightly coupling ourselves to the method. Kudos to both the Institute of Marine Research and our customers who have enabled us to work in a dynamic and flexible way.

The goal is as always; more efficient fish production

-Fish welfare is the biggest challenge in the pen. Our ambition is for the report to be central in the decision-making processes for more efficient fish production. We will use welfare data in combination with lice data and biomass data. This means a better basis for decision-making in critical phases of production.

-Currently, we use data recently captured in the pen over the past few days. These images are in turn analyzed within an automated process that detects various welfare indicators. So far, we have prioritized three of the welfare indicators. Here, we are guided by the farmer’s needs: the first three indicators are sexual maturation, wounds, and scale loss.

Seamless user experience

-The welfare report will be a seamless user experience. It already provides a good status report on welfare in the pen; which in turn gives us a basis for fact-based decision making. We are never satisfied, but now have a product that provides value, says Per Erik Hansen.