Data-driven trout farming

With machine learning models specifically developed for trout, the Aquabyte system can estimate biomass, count lice, and monitor fish welfare with high precision in trout farming.

There are many similarities between trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) and salmon, but the differences are significant enough that traditional salmon farming systems cannot be used for trout production. Therefore, we have developed our own machine learning models for trout. Based on these unique models, the Aquabyte system captures over one million images from the pen daily, which are analyzed to provide precise data and information.

Calculation of biomass

The system delivers weight and biomass data through the Aquabyte User Portal. The data is presented as averages per pen. With daily and accurate updates, the graphs provide valuable insights into the growth trends of the trout. When harvest reports are generated in the Aquabyte User Portal, the system provides information on the estimated weight distribution (bucket size) for the trout at the pen level.

Daily updates on lice counts

As with our salmon product, lice on trout are counted daily with high precision, providing excellent insight into lice development. The system also generates predictions for expected lice development for each pen one and two weeks ahead. These predictions have high accuracy and serve as an important tool for making decisions about if and when delousing treatments should be carried out. Good insight into the actual lice situation and expected future development allows for costly delousing treatments to be postponed or avoided.

Welfare monitoring

Aquabyte monitors a total of twelve external welfare parameters for trout, including eye injuries, maturation, deformities, and wounds. Welfare data is updated daily, allowing for early detection of potential issues, tracking of trends, and decision-making based on actual status rather than assumptions.

Synergistic effects

Our three main products LICE, WEIGHT, and WISE Welfare can be used individually, but the synergistic effects of combining them are significant. The comprehensive insights from all three products provide a better overall understanding of the conditions in the pens and can be crucial in making the best decisions for both fish welfare and profitability.

«Penflix» – live streaming from the pen

As the only monitoring system for weight, welfare, and lice, Aquabyte SYSTEM provides you with live video feed directly from the pen’s camera. This allows you to get closer, observe the fish to see if they are still eating, and use the camera’s depth sensor to verify the fish’s depth.