Meet today’s challenges within aquaculture

Data-driven fish welfare

Customer article:

– The main idea is to let the fish be in peace

Arnøy Laks is a fish farming company with a conscious approach to technology. They choose solutions that they directly benefit from, while also daring to skip over what they do not see the value in. This also applies to technology that is almost standard within the aquaculture industry.


Automatic calculation of Superior rate

Make decisions based on insight. Aquabyte gives you automatic calculation of superior rate for each pen

All-in-one solution

Optimize production

Our platform optimizes production and increases income. The platform is easy to use and collects the information you need regarding the fish’s performance, welfare, and environmental data.

Valuable insight


Make decisions based on insight rather than assumptions. The Aquabyte system uses machine learning and AI to provide valuable information when planning harvest: average weight and weight distribution, K-factor for the average weight distribution, and growth rate.